Special Graduate Schools


The school was founded October 25, 1997 in order to educate a specialized professional artistic body of students who play a leading role in the era of globalization.

The school offers a variety of programs to live up to students' expectations. The school offers a scholarship as well. It currently has 4 majors from 3 departments such as Fine Art, Design and Arts Administration. The educational goals of the school are as follows; educating students in the area of art and design in practical and scientific ways; incorporating human resources with professional and creative ability to contribute to art and industry in our country.

Length of Programs and Residence

The program normally extends over 5 semesters, and the students' residence is limited to 8 semesters.


Prospective students holding bachelor's degrees awarded by a Korean university or equivalent as accredited by the Ministry of Education are eligible to apply. Admission is granted through documents screening (undergraduate school GPA) and interview. In some cases, a written test will be administered.


Recruiting is made biannually in December for the spring semester (March-August) and in July for the fall semester (September-February). The applicants shall submit the following materials with the application fee to the school :

  • 1) Application form(supplied by the school and properly completed).
  • 2) Certificate of degree conferred or expected, or equivalent.
  • 3) Transcript covering cover undergraduate programs.
  • 4) 2 photos (3X4 cm) script.

Degree and Certificate

Students enrolled in the program and having satisfied all the requirements are awarded a masters degrees. 
Students shall complete a total of 24 credits. Four (4) credits are needed from general subjects, and ten (10) credits from major subjects should be included in the 24 total credits for completing the program. The credit-unit of each subject is 2 credits each semester. In the 5th semester, students choose and complete a research subject (2 credit).

Course of Instruction

The curricula are divided into 5 groups, major subjects, general subjects, elective subjects, research subjects, and supplementary subjects. The majors are :

  • 1) Fine Arts : Painting
  • 2) Design : Visual Media Image Design, Public Design
  • 3) Arts Administration : Arts Administration